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How Has The Coronavirus Impacted Your Chosen Career?

The coronavirus outbreak has taken an unexpected hit on many industries around the world. Some saw sales go up, others experienced a huge slump. Many non-essential businesses were forced to close. But what does this mean for graduates? Is your chosen industry still hiring? Will you be working from home? What issues are different sectors currently facing, and what does the future look like for your career?

The Advertising, Media and Marketing Industries

With people staying at home and consuming only necessities, there is a lack of demand for many types of goods, which has led to an overall decrease in advertising spending. Also, the cancellation of physical events, such as sports events, has meant a sharp decline in advertising.

As a result, several commercial broadcasters, including ITV, have tried to move their funding sources away from advertising, towards subscriptions and content licensing.

There has been a shift from desktop ad spending to mobile ad spending, with display ad impressions up three percent to 51 percent since the pandemic started. Total mobile ad spend has fallen by 15% since the start of the outbreak (early March) compared to desktop ad spending, which dropped by 25% during the same period.