Classes and business operations at the MCU Campus are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff remains available to assist you by phone and email.

The university is in the process of phasing out future in-person instruction at this location. Students currently enrolled at the MCU campus will be able to continue their studies online or at other campuses. MCU is committed to continuing to serve its students through its high-quality and convenient online programs for its students across the world.

A degree with a futuristic approach Increase Well-Being

A degree with a clear goal is far better than getting a degree first and then deciding what you want to do pursue. “It is important to understand the fact that the degree you are going to earn affects your career choices and therefore it is important to consider the fact that you have to carefully select an academic program as it strongly affects your future,” the dean of the university said in an interview. Your degree is your future and the degree you earn must open up doors of new opportunities for your career path. MCU is focused on providing such academic programs that meet the need of today’s competitive world whilst maintaining the quality of education.

Considering any market, products and services evolve and the same is the case with education. MCU is trying its level best to cope up with the needs of introducing new subjects and learning material that matches the current market needs. If we take MBA, it is getting more popular these days as more and more managers and employers desire to hire such individuals who can handle pressure and have the strategic skills to handle problematic situations. Master’s degree is seeing the trend of quicker returns and instant results in terms of better job opportunities in the market. Employer perspective is to hire an MBA graduate who has the skill of managing business problems and can think out-of-the-box. MCU’s MBA program allows students to acquire skills as they need them that offers them the options to personalize material that delivers study material that meets the needs of changing lifestyles and evolving business environment. This approach requires business schools to invest more in their curriculum to match the needs of the business environment. Massachusetts Central University is striving hard to provide such an environment and curriculum that fulfill all these needs and bring a change in the business world.