Classes and business operations at the MCU Campus are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff remains available to assist you by phone and email.

The university is in the process of phasing out future in-person instruction at this location. Students currently enrolled at the MCU campus will be able to continue their studies online or at other campuses. MCU is committed to continuing to serve its students through its high-quality and convenient online programs for its students across the world.

Massachusetts Central University News Room

How Has The Coronavirus Impacted Your Chosen Career?

The coronavirus outbreak has taken an unexpected hit on many industries around the world. Some saw sales go up, others experienced a huge slump. Many non-essential businesses were forced to close.
But what does this mean for graduates? Is your chosen industry still hiring? Will you be working from home? What issues are different sectors currently facing, and what does the future look like for your career?

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Future Skills You’ll Need In Your Career By 2030

In 10 years, the year 2030, it’s highly likely you’ll be working in a job that doesn’t even exist yet – and no, we’re not talking about building flying cars or developing the world’s first time machine. The world of work is evolving quickly, which means you have to figure out how to prepare for a future job role that’s impossible to predict.

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Plant clock could be the key to producing more food for the world

The MCU led study has established how plants use their metabolism to tell time and know when to grow - a discovery that could help leverage growing crops in different environments, including different seasons, different latitudes, or even in artificial environments and vertical gardens.

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Massachusetts Central University Grads celebrated their achievements

Earlier this month, around 900+ students became graduates. The majority were enrolled in an undergraduate program with an average age of 35.

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Massachusetts Central University online degree programs top ranked

DMCU Online degree programs have been ranked sixth among the best universities worldwide, up from 14th position last year. “We are very proud for our boost in the online degree programs ranking,” says Martin Evans, Assistant Curriculum Coordinator of MCU.

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A degree with a futuristic approach Increase Well-Being

A degree with a clear goal is far better than getting a degree first and then deciding what you want to do pursue. “It is important to understand the fact that the degree you are going to earn affects your career choices and therefore it is important to consider the fact that you have to carefully select an academic program as it strongly affects your future,” the dean of the university said in an interview.

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