Classes and business operations at the MCU Campus are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff remains available to assist you by phone and email.

The university is in the process of phasing out future in-person instruction at this location. Students currently enrolled at the MCU campus will be able to continue their studies online or at other campuses. MCU is committed to continuing to serve its students through its high-quality and convenient online programs for its students across the world.


The Massachusetts Central University has a vast spread global network comprising our highly talented students and qualified faculty members. We have discriminated against all the borders to consider ourselves as an international community that strengthens the global network of MCU! We have fortified our network to continue motivating the execution of the best knowledge, producing leaders of tomorrow.

At Massachusetts Central University, we welcome all the students across the world to join us and experience the best way of learning. Our faculty has developed a unique way of world-class online learning that develops confidence and leadership skills in our students. We aim to be the number one virtual learning institute in the world. We are not concerned with your nationality, language, religion, or background, if you are keen to get educated, then you are more than welcome at the Massachusetts Central University.


Massachusetts Central University focuses on brightening and carving your future. Keeping the same in mind, we have designed our accredited online programs to help you gain knowledge & experience side-by-side. Our faculty members are experts in their fields expanding your business skills and helping you engage with the international network of learners. At MCU, students can easily gain deeper perceptions in the precise study area. Through our accredited programs, we enable you to build up some new capabilities that would help you advance your career smoothly!

International Events

At Massachusetts Central University , we organize a wide list of international events that are beneficial for our students in every aspect! We give a chance to our students to grab the best employment & leadership opportunity through our business & job fairs. We aim to provide maximum ease to our students!

International Students

Massachusetts Central University is well-known for its quality education nationally and internationally. We have been offering the most suitable educational programs for international students with a flexible study schedule. Here at MCU, we help the students expand and polish their business skills and welcome the international students with pleasure.

International Scholarship

We award international scholarships to all deserving students who aim to work hard. At Massachusetts Central University, we provide financial aid programs and international scholarships to all the students who are keen to gain knowledge. You can pursue your dreams with our international scholarship programs

Online Study Experience

Our students experience the best online learning at The Massachusetts Central University. We offer the most suitable accredited programs to help our students begin their careers and attain success in them. Massachusett Central University helps its student build up the capabilities that would be beneficial for them in their careers ahead.

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