Classes and business operations at the MCU Campus are currently remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The staff remains available to assist you by phone and email.

The university is in the process of phasing out future in-person instruction at this location. Students currently enrolled at the MCU campus will be able to continue their studies online or at other campuses. MCU is committed to continuing to serve its students through its high-quality and convenient online programs for its students across the world.

Financial Aid Programs and Scholarships

Massachusetts Central University is extremely pocket-friendly compared to the rest of the leading universities. To further our mission, we have developed financial aid and scholarship programs that help students pursue their education at a very reasonable cost.

MCU Financial Aid Program Categories

Students with Disabilities or
Financial Instability

MCU promotes an all-inclusive environment where diversity and being different are valued. The MCU’s financial aid program helps outstanding students suffering from disabilities or financial instability and gives them a great opportunity to impact their studies and careers positively. You must fall in one of the following categories to apply for this financial aid program.

  • Have a physical or mental condition recognized as a disability.
  • Be a resident of an under-developed or developing country.
  • Comes under the low-income category as recognized by the government of the United States.
High Achiever Scholarship

This scholarship is available for academically qualified students
with outstanding educational records.

Award: Up to $8,000
Research Scholarship

This scholarship attracts inquisitive students and contributes
to their research efforts.

Award: Up to $6,000
Military Scholarship

MCU pays tribute to the active-duty military personnel and discharged veterans by offering them tuition assistance.

Award: Up to $6,000
Eligibility criteria

• Must get enrolled in one of the programs at Massachusetts Central University.

• Have an impressive previous academic record.

• Students engaged in community service and extra-curricular activities will be preferred.

How to apply and

Here's how students can apply for a scholarship
1. Express your interest in the scholarship at the time of applying.
2. Specify the category in which you qualify (Scholarship/Financial Aid).
3. Your application will be reviewed by the Admission Office, and if you meet the criteria, you will be granted financial aid/scholarship. A notification of approval will be sent to you through email by your student counsellor.

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